Credit without proof: explanations and solutions


It is possible to obtain a credit without proof of use of money, but never without proof of income or identity. The personal loan and revolving credit allow you to carry out a project without having to justify yourself. But to keep them cheap, you have to compare the best credits without proof. See for further editorial

Credit without proof: what documents are required?

Credit without proof: what documents are required?

Credit institutions are required to verify the repayment capacity of an applicant, as well as their identity. This is the reason why it is impossible to obtain credit without any supporting documents. The financial institute (credit organization, bank, insurer) will request at least the following supporting documents:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • A rib

There is no point in hoping to get credit without proof of income , except for store credits of a small amount. These small loans contracted in large high-tech brands or even bico / déco sometimes allow you to borrow up to $ 1,000 by presenting only one bank card.

Personal loans and revolving credit allow you to obtain money without having to justify its use. In this case, we are talking about a loan without proof or reason.

Many people apply for this loan to buy a vacation, carry out work without going through a professional or even get a used car loan at the best rate. This credit without proof of use is very competitive: its rates vary from simple to triple. We will see through an online credit simulation how much we can save by comparing the rates. But how do you get credit?

Credit without proof: find the best rate

Credit without proof: find the best rate

The personal loan is the credit without proof of use of money par excellence. Proposed by all organizations and widely present on our credit comparator, this classic credit formula displays very variable rates.

The personal loan at the best rate is sometimes much cheaper than the second. Let’s make several comparisons in order to measure the savings achievable on the same loan without proof.

The achievable savings is $ 267.84 between the best credit $ 8,000 without proof and the second, under identical reimbursement conditions. The difference is even more marked when the amount reaches five digits. Our article on the personal loan without proof goes even further in the comparison.

Increase your chances of obtaining credit without proof

Increase your chances of obtaining credit without proof

Our non-binding form makes it possible to question up to three specialists in a single credit request without proof. The objective is to allow everyone to obtain a cheap credit without proof or justification (car, work).

We know that the conditions for accepting a loan vary depending on the organization. Finding the cheapest offer is important, you still have to receive a positive opinion. Once the form has been completed (identity, professional situation, income, etc.), a calculation indicates the percentage of chances of receiving a positive opinion. We can then consult in one click the immediate response of the three best credit offers without proof.

Loan without proof: lower the amount to get it easier?

Loan without proof: lower the amount to get it easier?

Any simulation carried out on our comparator associated with an amount of less than $ 4,000 will redirect to the revolving credit offers without proof. This small credit has the distinction of being reusable without proof. We are talking here about reuse: the very first opening of revolving credit involves the delivery of identity documents and documents justifying its financial resources (minimum wage slips).

Credit without proof in store

It is quite possible to obtain a credit without proof of income in store. This is particularly the case when you want to buy a computer, a television or even get credit for the phone. 

Thanks to a financial partner. The idea is to sign a credit payment contract – with or without fees – and leave immediately with the object. This type of credit is mostly associated with department store payment and loyalty cards.

Store credit gives rise to the opening of revolving credit most of the time. Often inexpensive when first used, revolving credit regularly displays APR rates close to 20% when reused.

The conditions for obtaining a credit without proof

All organizations are required to ensure that an applicant is not on file with the Banque de France or registered on the file of credit repayment incidents (FICP). The applicant must also be of full age, and have the means to repay the credit requested. This is why it is sometimes better to spread your monthly payments over several years, rather than ending up with a credit that is difficult to repay over 12 or 24 months.

Credit institutions need collateral to limit the risk of default. Credit law protects individuals by obliging lenders to check the creditworthiness of any request. The list of usual supporting documents for obtaining a personal loan without proof of use is not surprising:

  • Proof of identity (passport or identity card)
  • RIB
  • Proof of address
  • Last salary slip (at least)
  • Photocopy of the last tax notice

Does credit without proof of income really exist?

Advancing money is not neutral for financial organizations. The lender can not grant the credit without conditions if he wants to ensure the repayment without incident of the borrower It is logical that every individual must provide proof of income before obtaining a final favorable opinion. It is most often at least the last two pay slips. Self-employed persons (auto-entrepreneur credit, pensioner, etc.) must systematically provide their tax notices.

Loans without proof of income are only possible in certain stores, depending on the amount and the policy of the brand. A reuse of the money available on a revolving credit agreement is also mostly granted without additional proof. Please note, however, that use of the funds available on a revolving credit agreement is often granted at high APR rates. Using them can result in significant interests.

What about credit without bank proof?

Credit without proof of bank seems complicated, since the lender will need a RIB in order to pay the money. It is also possible that some organizations request bank account statements. Although uncommon, this additional verification is completely legal (see the law ).

Understanding credit without proof of purchase

When we talk about credit without proof, it is often that it is proof of use of the money made available. The credit without proof corresponds to a credit with which it is possible to use the money without justification of need. These credits which do not require justification of the purchase or use are called “unrestricted loans”. They oppose “restricted loans” such as car loans  or work loans.

The main “unrestricted loans” are personal loans and revolving credit. The personal loan can be intended for the realization of any project (wedding credit, travel, decoration, etc.). Whatever the project, the organization will very rarely ask for its nature. The loan with proof of use, on the other hand, makes it possible to obtain a better rate, since the lender can identify the project. For example, it is generally more advantageous to obtain a car loan than a personal loan to buy a new car.

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