Food trucks have quickly become a popular and well-loved staple of the dining experience, and they bring a ton of value to large companies and corporations looking to make a plethora of improves in the working conditions and morale of their employees.

So why food trucks? Over a decade ago food trucks exploded onto the culinary scene as affordable, fast dining options for those seeking creative, high-quality meals. They are also synonymous with a big trend that only continues growing. Many of the companies awarded
“Best Company to Work For”  (like Google) have their own food trucks and put out imaginative cuisine that get employees excited. Indeed, buying a food truck for corporations from a custom builder will bring a ton of value to your business, and this article will explain why.

The Freedom to be Diverse and Strengthen Community

Based on your company size you may need one food truck, three, or even six. But what’s important is building a food truck that can accommodate your rotating menu. One of the many benefits corporations soon discover in owning a small fleet of food trucks is promoting and expanding their internal communities. When food trucks are able to store, prep and serve menus that come from various regions of the world.

When you have a common eating are for employees with a few food trucks serving Mexican, American East Coast faire, Japanese and Chicago favorites (for example) cross-cultures on the national and international scales can be enjoyed and celebrated by people from all walks of life. Food is love, and when served in a dining environment that encourages community and conversations, you will see improvements in morale, work effort, and overall happiness shine in your workers.

When You Build a Food Truck, Consider the Goldilocks Syndrome

Remember your childhood bedtime stories? “This porridge is too hot, my porridge is too cold, mine is just right”.  You should keep this in mind when buying a food truck, and make sure to bring the subject up when communicating with a food truck for corporate clients.

All too often companies will cut corners to save money by buying smaller food trucks. Small food trucks are great, so long as your goal in running one aligns with the size in terms of needs to achieve set goals. Ideally, a food truck platform must be sized right to accommodate the necessary equipment needed to store, prep and serve your menu items. Do you want air conditioning> Operating an oven and a griddle can make the working conditions in food trucks very challenging for people. Also, how many team members do you need working the food truck?

Certainly, you don’t want to build too big and waste money, but going too small can also flush money away. Ideally, you want to communicate with your food truck company and agree on a platform size with the right equipment and working space to help you hit your short-term goals, and give you some room to grow into hitting your long-terms goals too.