Every professional has successes and failures …

However, what success means to each one is something individual and unique. It also changes over time. Your professional goals and metrics of success at the beginning of your career will be VERY different from what you surely have now. What most makes you professionally succeed is in addition to your skills and knowledge is your good appearance and your presentation, if you think you can improve in this aspect, do it, go to a gym, the dermatologist, a dentist Pacific Implant Center or a nutriologist.


However, most of us are in a constant search for success, and although it is different for each person, there are better ways (than others) to ensure it.


The one that gets up early …

The first hours of the morning are perfect to concentrate, advance activities and order the day without distractions. But do not forget, organize your sleep schedule in such a way that you can sleep the necessary 7 or 8 hours to conserve your health and keep your mind and body well rested and ready to take on each day.


Starting the workday before 6 am is one of the most important keys to success of the leaders, directors, businessmen and most important leaders of the world. Personalities such as Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Andrés Moreno among others; They use this time to exercise, have breakfast, spend time with the family, check e-mails and stay up-to-date, with world news.


Tip Add one or two healthy activities before starting your work day, little by little you will see the results.

Plan the day

A good agenda manages to prioritize your activities, eliminate the unnecessary and assign the time spaces to each activity. You will be able to identify and group the urgent of what is important and successfully carry out everything programmed.


Make choices that help you in optimizing time, for example if within your priorities is to learn or improve your English, choose a program that you can adjust to your calendar and in which you do not waste time traveling back and forth to take your lessons.


Tip Start with a check-list of the activities you have to do in your day, you can visualize and prioritize the activities


Fit your work space

A pleasant and organized environment, with the indispensable tools to develop your activities will make your time enjoyable and productive without loss of time and motivation.


Organize your desk, your office and even your computer, save you a lot of time on a day-to-day basis


Tip Avoid having cluttered objects, try to keep your workplace clean, put your order, and try to keep it organized

Streamlines and optimizes

Increase the pace in the response of emails and calls without extending unnecessarily. Define time frames for these functions and respect them, this will ensure that you rescue some or many minutes of the day that you can assign to other priorities.


Tip Put the important first, be concrete and precise; Do not forget to check your mail once or twice before sending it to make sure everything you want to say is there.


Get ready

A complete professional preparation will expand the vision of your life and your day to day. You generate criteria to decide, respond, assume, and suggest immediately, include the domain of another language such as English, the universal language of business and trends, without doubt will add value to your curriculum and will put you in advantage with your colleagues


Understanding and speaking another language will increase your list of professional opportunities, help prevent Alzheimer’s, as it keeps the brain functioning, improves memory and the ability to concentrate.


In the workplace, a graduate with an advanced level of English can obtain economic offers between 5 and 15% higher than a candidate with a basic level. English not only helps us get a job, but also increases our economic return. Today, 58% of employers worldwide say that “knowing” English helps in getting a job, while 75% of senior management jobs require English proficiency.