Do you want to know how to advance in your work? The answer is one of the most desired secrets across the planet. Discover what strategies you must follow to aspire to the highest.

1.Be more handsome
Sometimes in the office the people more attractive have more opportunities, that can sound a little bit unfair but is the reality. If you are not handsome by nature (AKA born ugly), you can pay of it and get a plastic surgery in Tijuana Mexico.

2. Be interested in learning

A worker does not become a leader only based on many hours of work. He must also be in a constant process of learning throughout his professional career. An employee that requires your company training is an asset to be pampered by the company, since it is in a constant process of growth that will surely end up reporting succulent benefits to your company. It will also allow you to work efficiently in teams that are increasingly shaped, with varied profiles.

The key, at this point, is to know oneself. For this, it is essential to discover what their qualities are and to empower them through courses and other training tools.

3. Work as a team
If you want to be a boss in a large draft, you can keep the whip in your chest of drawers. Large companies do not want tyrants and despots among their ranks: only team managers. The key to being one of them is to know how to communicate and be effective in resolving conflicts.

Do not panic. It is only about learning to coordinate with a certain discipline by distributing the work in areas of specialization.

4. Be creative
Take off the gray suit and hang it in the closet. The only way to stand out in a competitive company is to create value. For this, it is convenient to be imaginative and not to remain conventional when it comes to setting the goals of your project and how to manage it. An example, the great managers are bored of the typical meetings of company: a worker who knows how to combine intuition and analysis with a high capacity to ‘hook’ in his exhibitions has everything won.

5. Stay calm and do not be self-centered
Focus on your team and your project. Companies know that the time has come to relieve a manager when he is more concerned about collecting his annual bonus or trying to settle a war in his favor to get the largest office: Apply the story.