The marketing industry changes because it is human psychology itself that changes before only very few products were promoted and by insufficient means, now almost everything can be promoted, and the channels to do so are practically unlimited, but one of those that but this is taking strength is the influencers.

Influencers are currently doing reviews of everything, including medical products. Although we all know that products of this type should discuss the benefits and side effects. The content created by an influencer for an over-the-counter medication or supplement requires legal reviews to make sure it does not include children or compare different products, for example Mexico Dental recommends taking care with the teeth whiteners that are on the market that can be harmful to health, so they recommend going with a professional. It is through this process of approval by the client and his legal team that it often significantly delays the dates of a campaign.

And, in reality, the risks are more related to patients with thrombosis, liver, migraine, etc. In any case, they must be prescribed by a doctor who will evaluate which is the best for each patient, according to their needs, their physical examination and their medical history. During the review process, the client’s legal and medical teams often requested changes or issues, which were not given to the agency at the start of the campaign, or may even go against some of the initial guidelines provided by the client. If that is the case, the team has to go back and redo some of the work. The agencies usually sign agreements of several years with pharmaceutical clients, to ensure the business and to guarantee them both digital and printed ads, instead of just campaigns on social networks, for the cost and time they require.

In turn, people increasingly choose to install applications to avoid advertising which makes the work of brands even more difficult. The installation of ad blockers on cell phones is increasing: it went from 21 million in 2010 to 238 million in 2016, while now it is estimated that there are 380 million devices that have an application to avoid commercial messages, “said the expert.

Another phenomenon that has been taking shape more forcefully is the rapid and accelerated consumption of content. In this way, some media, such as the local Big Bang News, offer “turtle” reading options where the entire note is detailed, while the “hare” variant is also available to read only the essentials of a story. “The mental space is one, and everyone is fighting to achieve a place in an increasingly busy area.