Not all the questions in an interview are about your professional life; If they question you about your private life and you do not know how to answer them, it can be very uncomfortable. To feel more comfortable and safe with yourself you can first go with a Tijuana dentists of ProDent, the security in answering any question always gives you more credibility.

That is why the recruitment and selection platform and we prepare some tips to respond to these unpleasant questions. So take note:

1.- Do you have a partner? How long have you been with him/her? Why have not you married?
These types of questions are asked to know your level of commitment, stability and your way of carrying your emotional relationships because although your link is very different, it is also related to how you would take your co-workers.
Answer them with the truth and regardless of your civil status or plans, make a connection with your work life mentioning the commitment and stability that you want and look for.

2.- Do you have children? Do you think about having children?
More than knowing your plans, what you want to know are your priorities, your capacity for organization and your family commitment.
Answer honestly and if you plan to have children, mention how you will balance your professional life with your mother or father.

3.- Why did you leave your last job? How did you get along with your boss?
They seek to know your skills such as teamwork, empathy, tolerance, etc.
Respond honestly mentioning the learning you got from experience, good or bad, and gave an anecdote where you could solve some communication or stress problem.

4.- How do you see yourself in the future? Your Ambitions?
They want to know how you communicate and project your ideas or plans and what our professional objectives.
Remember to answer this question in a concrete and very sure of yourself and what you can achieve everything you propose.

5.- Are you in debt? How do you plan to pay your debts?
With these types of questions, they want to know your level of organization, administration, how you handle a budget and your potential for savings.
If you have debts, tell the truth and mention your plan to pay them. Remember to specify percentages, not specific figures.
Example: I asked for a loan of 25% of my annual income, so I plan each month to allocate 5% of my salary to settle that debt in 12 months.

6.- What are your faults?
Recruiters know you have flaws, what they want to see is your honesty and how you plan to attack those areas of opportunity.
Say your faults for sure, followed by your actions to improve. You must know how to sell your defects as competences and attractive qualities for the company.
Your behavior is reflected in the professional, so a response is not good or bad, but assertive with the needs of the position or the company.