The need for translation services is growing in the world of manufacturing, health care, legal and other industries. That said, finding certified translation services from a multilingual translation company can be very time-consuming and challenging. You need to have a clear understanding as to how translation services contribute into your company’s growth, pinpoint any known challenges, and then seek out a translation service provider that can help you achieve all your growth goals by offering flawless service. This article will point you in the right direction for finding that ideal company offering certified translation services ideal for your needs.

Find Certified Translation Services from a Multilingual Provider Offering Many Languages

You may be tempted to seek certified translation services from a Spanish translation company, or one that solely represents your target language. While this logic may make sense on the surface, you will get a higher standard of work when partnering with a larger certified translation provider that excels at multiple languages. A good number of languages that showcases a translation agency’s depth and skillset is around 100 languages. Any certified translation services that offer 100 languages or more is clearly a leader in their space and has built up their capabilities by offering flawless services, on budget, without error as a standard operation.


Make sure your certified translation services are backed by the latest in translation technology. The best multilingual translation companies will have advanced CAT tools and software solutions that help speed up the project, reduce errors, and ensure a perfect translation relevant to your industry and its unique terminology and the target language at hand.

When vetting certified translation services ask them how they integrate their translation software with your current technology to ensure their teams and your in-house group can stay in the loop and share docs and materials in a time-saving manner.

Seek Native Certified Teams

It goes without saying that the best certified translation services come from those who not only hold the right credentials, but those who are native speakers of your target language. When certified and native speakers manage translation projects, there is little room for error as all dialects, expressions, slang, and industry terminology will be completely comprehended and translated without any gaps or holes.

Years in Business and Availability

There are a lot of translation companies out there, and each operates a little differently. First, don’t even bother working with an agency that has less than 10 years of experience. An ideal time would be 20 years, as any translation service provider with two decades of experience and growth under their belt is a testimony to high quality. You should also ensure the translation company can be reached 24/7. Avoid those that issue tickets for call-backs, or that have closed business hours. The nature of translation sees quick shifts that call for immediate changes, and this means your team needs to be available all day and night to help make any urgent changes without losing time.

Follow these tips, and soon you will be talking to the best certified translation services in the country!