Health influences all our daily activities including work and the better our health is, the better productivity we will be in our work areas, that is why many people who have decided to have a healthy life with the help of a bariatric surgery with A Slimmer Me have seen the results not only in your body but in your productivity. Since food is one of the factors that affect our health, it is very important to adapt it to work actively to improve performance and reduce fatigue. Work is the place where adults spend half of our waking period, approximately one-third of the hours of the day. In addition, if we look at a working day, it is structured around meals and refreshments: coffee breaks, lunch hours, snack breaks and, more recently, visits to vending machines or food vending machines and drinks.

But, also, the coffee break or lunch is undoubtedly the political moment and relationship at work. And how important it can be to comply with the principles of healthy eating, in which health and pleasure should go together.

However, the reality, in most cases, turns out to be different and food at work is usually considered a nuisance, an aspect that is not given due importance. Poor feeding programs and poor nutrition have to do with a series of work-related issues: morale, safety, productivity and the long-term health of workers and their countries. Few workers are happy with their meals.

Obviously, there are very different types of work, which also require that the recommendations and actions be developed be different. Think of sedentary jobs, the most frequent now, and with a relatively low energy expenditure; at the same time, works of great physical or psychic stress; in these cases, if the stressor wear is mainly physical, the diet must contain enough calories to compensate for the energy expenditure involved in the activity, such as construction workers, field workers, metalworkers, professional athletes, delivery people, etc.

If the stress is psychic, the caloric needs are not as high as in the previous case and what is really important is that the diet contains enough of all those nutrients that are related to a good functioning of the nervous system. In addition to the people in positions of responsibility, businessmen and managers of companies, heads of service or group, managers, would also be included the personnel that works in the chain, since they are subjected to stress for their monotonous and repetitive work.

It is also very important, and a significant challenge, those work in shifts or with individual schedules, frequently putting at risk the consolidation of eating habits or “attacking” in some way against our biological clock, of great importance at present, as it is demonstrating chronobiology.