The governments of Tijuana and San Diego, together with the Private Initiative on both sides of the border, are looking to boost infrastructure projects this year to detonate the economy of Mexico and the United States.

The Secretary of the Interior indicated that the border is a bridge for trade and the crossing of people, it is a prosperous region with enormous potential. Reported that around 1 million people, 437,000 vehicles and 1,000 million dollars in merchandise cross between the two countries. Many people travel to Tijuana for consultations with dentists for  Dental implants in Mexico or to perform  bariatric surgical procedure in Tijuana Mexico and the crossing of people from Mexico to the United States for shopping and tourism is even greater.

In the case of Tijuana, it is recognized that there are many areas in which it is possible to work, and common topics to be analyzed such as the case of the great hydraulic depression, where the capacity to bring water to communities must be promoted.

A notable effort is being made to desalinate what is part of San Diego, the same as the sanitation of Río Tijuana and to allow it to be an environmentally friendly zone.

For his part, the mayor of Tijuana said that the mission is organized by the San Diego Chamber of Commerce in order to explain to Mexican federal authorities the strength that the relationship of the CALI-BAJA region represents for the economy of the two countries. , confirmed by the states of California and Baja California, that altogether add an annual value of production of 250,000 million dollars.

Currently, he said, there are 135,000 crossings through the two checkpoints, and the streets of the city of Tijuana no longer have the capacity to control traffic, especially during peak hours, so the region needs the new Otay II port to cover the needs that the area demands.